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Having health insurance enables you to access health care treatment without lengthy wait times. Furthermore it can give you access to treatment that is not publically funded and may be unaffordable to pay for without insurance. It also ensures that a significant portion, if not all, of the expenses are covered. Health insurance alleviates concerns about potential future medical costs.

Health insurance offers financial protection in case of unexpected medical expenses. It allows you to access necessary medical care without worrying about the full cost of treatment. Having health insurance also ensures timely access to healthcare services and can improve your overall health outcomes.

Health insurance in New Zealand can cover a portion of your medical expenses that are not covered by the public healthcare system. It may provide faster access to specialist care, elective surgeries, and certain treatments.

The cost of health insurance can vary widely based on factors like your age, the coverage you choose, and any additional benefits. On average, premiums can range from a few hundred to a few thousand New Zealand dollars per year.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions can vary among health insurance plans. Some plans might exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, while others might offer limited coverage after a waiting period. It’s important to raise this with an advisor if you are wanting certain conditions to be covered.

Comparing health insurance plans involves assessing factors such as coverage, premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and network of healthcare providers. Consulting with insurance experts can help you make informed decisions as they have easy access to detailed information.

Public health cover in New Zealand is provided by the government and offers basic medical care at no direct cost to residents. Private health insurance offers additional benefits and quicker access to specialist care and elective procedures.

Some health insurance plans may cover alternative therapies like chiropractic or osteopathy, but coverage can vary.

Most pregnancies are covered under the public healthcare system and only covered under medical insurance if there are complications. However, some providers will offer Obstetrician cover.

Certain health insurance plans offer wellness benefits, which might include gym membership discounts or coverage for wellness programs. An advisor can inform you of the options and help you set this up.

Yes, if you have been granted a 2 year or longer visa.

A waiting period is the amount of time you need to wait after purchasing health insurance before you can claim certain benefits. Waiting periods vary by insurer and the type of coverage. Common waiting periods include those for pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and specific treatments.

You may be able to but it is vital to chat to an advisor to make sure you are not losing any benefits by moving. Typically if your health has not changed since taking out your medical cover it is not an issue.

To file a claim, typically you’ll need to submit relevant documents, such as invoices or medical reports, to your insurance provider. This can often be done online or through a claims form provided by the insurer. An advisor can be particularly helpful in these instances as they can guide you through the process.

Factors that can influence your health insurance premium include your age, the level of coverage you choose, any add-on benefits, your health history, and whether you smoke or not.

Health insurance premiums can increase over time due to factors like inflation, rising healthcare costs, and changes in your age group’s risk profile. It’s a good practice to review your policy annually.

Many health insurance plans offer coverage for counselling and mental health support. However, coverage specifics can vary, so it’s recommended to bring this up with your advisor when comparing options.

Health insurance for older adults is available, but premiums might be higher due to increased healthcare needs. Some plans may have age-related restrictions or waiting periods for certain benefits.

Orthodontics can be covered after a set stand down period with limits to financial coverage per year.
IVF unfortunately at this stage is not covered.

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